Unlock Dodge RAM 2015 Proximity using VVDI key Tool

We have successfully unlocked Dodge RAM year 2015 key proximity using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator. 

Simple operation steps:
Put key proximity board into VVDI Key Tool renew adapter 
Select Renew->Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge->IYZ-C01C Smart Key
Please select the item corresponding to the original key, otherwise renew will not work properly.
Please connect the key in adapter and then connect to the vvdi Key tool
Writing data in progress
Unlock key success.

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Program Seat Leon MQB Smart Remote Key by VVDI2

A Spanish VVDI2 VAG user has successfully programmed a remote smart key on a Seat LEON MQB system. Here’s some operation steps provided.

At this moment, VVDI2 MQB key is not available yet, so he used 5G0959752BC from ali (Works for all the cars, VW Polo need to use 5G0959752BB.)
Open VVDI2 VAG software
Select Key Learn->MQB platform instrument immobilizer->Instrument with NEC35xx (Continental/VDO)
Click on Diag to load vehicle information
Read EEPROM/FLASH data and save
Turn ignition on with the original key
Follow these steps to program key:
1. The instrument box is off while you are reading these instructions. You need to reset instrument after completing the process
2.Read EEPROM and save
3. Read immo data and save them.
4. Dedicate key to the vehicle (you can go to step 7 if you have a working key and also do not want to add keys)
5. Reset instrument box
6. Add key. use the immo data to program the new key
7. Finish process
VVDI2 Read Immo data and save it
Reset “instrument box” to activate the box after finishing the process
Make Dealer Key
Select brand: Seat
in this case we will use the second option
Attention: If you have the dedicated key in a normal way it will not support coding ONLINE or changes in the immobilizer of the following units:
9-CAN Gateway
28-Electrical Steering Column Lock
We recommend selecting the OEM option, which has the same ID as the original keys, will support the
ONLINE operations.
Are you sure to make a normal Seat key?
If you are sure you have selected the correct brand press “YES” to continue, if you do not press “NO”
Place the new key into the VVDI2 antenna and press OK
Make key success. Please program the new key to the vehicle.
Use “Reset instrument” to reset the box after all operations
Attention: You must make a backup of the eeprom before programming keys.
If you have a security copy you can continue, if you have not copied before immo data, press NO
Select second option to learn key. login with security code from car. Put the key into ignition switch on accord flowing tips. You must prepare all the working key. If the key not learned, it can not start the engine after learned.
Inter leaning key number: 2
2 keys should all be learned
Key learn success.
Test the remote control and start vehicle with the new key.

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VVDI Prog TMS370 Adapter supported MCU list

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer adds TMS370 (PLCC28\PLCC44\PLCC68) adapter since V4.6.6 software released. The adapter now is available in vvdishop.com.
+ Add TMS370C002A, TMS370C010A, TMS370C012A, (Need TMS370(PLCC28) ADPATER)
+TMS370C020A, TMS370C022A, TMS370C032A, TMS370C040A, TMS370C042A, (Need TMS370(PLCC44) ADPATER)
+TMS370C050A, TMS370C052A, TMS370C056A, TMS370C058A,TMS370C256A (Need TMS370(PLCC68) ADPATER) options in <2-MCU>->
Main Function:
Read/Write Old Jetta (–2009) BCM
Read/Write Opel Sail (–2009) BCM


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Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.6.8 Software Download on Mega

Xhorse VVDI PROG latest software version V4.6.8 update on February 2018.
v4.6.8 (2018-02-27)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.6.8 version in Doc folder
+ Add AM29BDD160GBXXE, S29CD016GXXF01, S29CD032GXXF01 options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><AMD> (Need PQFP80_FLASH ADPATER)
+ Add M58BW016DBXXT, M58BW016DTXXT, M58BW016FTXXT, M58BW016FBXXT options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST> (Need PQFP80_FLASH ADPATER)
+ Add MB90F342, MB90F342A, MB90F342AS, MB90F342CA, MB90F342CAS, MB90F342CE, MB90F342CES, MB90F342E, MB90F342ES, MB90F345A,
MB90F345AS, MB90F345CA, MB90F345CAS, MB90F345CE, MB90F345CES, MB90F345E, MB90F345ES, MB90F346A, MB90F346AS, MB90F346CA,
MB90F346CAS, MB90F346CE, MB90F346CES, MB90F346E, MB90F346ES, MB90F347A, MB90F347AS, MB90F347CA, MB90F347CAS, MB90F347CE,
MB90F347CES, MB90F347E, MB90F347ES, MB90F349A, MB90F349AS, MB90F349CA, MB90F349CAS, MB90F349CE, MB90F349CES, MB90F349E,
MB90F349ES,MB90F387, MB90F387S, MB90F423GA, MB90F423GB, MB90F423GC, MB90F428GA, MB90F428GB, MB90F428GC, MB90F438L,
MB90F439, MB90F439S, MB90F455, MB90F455S, MB90F456, MB90F456S, MB90F457, MB90F457S, MB90F462, MB90F497, MB90F497G, MB90F498G,
MB90F523B, MB90F543, MB90F543G, MB90F543GS, MB90F546G, MB90F546GS, MB90F548G, MB90F549, MB90F549G, MB90F553A, MB90F594A,
MB90F654A, MB90F867A, MB90F867AS, MB90F867E, MB90F867ES, MB96F348A, MB96F348T, MB96F348H, MB96F348C, MB96F348Y, MB96F348R,
MB96F385, MB96F386, MB96F387, MB96F673, MB96F675, MB96F683, MB96F685, MB96F693, MB96F695, MB96F696, MB96F6A5,
MB96F6A6 options in <2-MCU>-><FUJITSU-MB91F>
+ Add PANDA_BSI_1L40K option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><FIAT>
+ Add RAYCH(2011) option in <5-DASHBOARD>-><SUZUKI>
+ Add SRS(XC2060M) option in <7-AIRBAG>-><KIA>
+ Add SRS(XC2060M) option in <7-AIRBAG>-><HYUNDAI>
+ Add WINDOW-MOTOR-0M01N option in <8-OTHER>-><VOLKSWAGEN>

Free Download VVDI prog v4.6.8 software
VVDI-Prog v4.6.8 new added pinouts:


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Program Porsche Boxster 2016 key with VVDI2

How to add Keyless Go Porsche Boxster GTS 2016 smart key with VVDI Prog and VVDI2 key programmer.

Step 1: Read BCM data with VVDI Prog
Remove Porsche PCM module under the steering wheel
Open pcm and connect it with VVDI Prog programmer
Select Type: 4th Immobilizer, Porsche BCM-5M48H backup
Follow VVDI-Prog wiring diagram to make good connection using MC9S12 reflash adapter
Read and then save D FLASH bin file
Read and save P FLASH bin file
Select Chip: BCM 5M48H R/W/UNLOCK
Read and save D Flash unlock bin file

Step 2: Add Dealer Key with VVDI2 Porsche
Open VVDI2 software
Select Porsche
Prepare Dealer Key-EEPROM (5M48H)
Click on Load file and load D Flash unlock bin file
VVDI2 shows key ID and info.
Press OK to save new eeprom dump file as “D FLASH KEY READY”
Add dealer key success. Learn the new dealer key via OBDII or flash the new file into car.

Step 3: Write back data to car
Open “D FLASH KEY READY” bin file
Press “Write” button
Operation success
Test the new smart key. Working!!!

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Free download Xhorse VVDI remote key data base

Download Xhorse VVDI2 remote database will help solve error E0-94 while making remotes.



I am having Error E0-94 while making remotes!!!

I bought a bunch of remotes some time ago and there were no mentioning if they are China or EU remotes! Now that Samic has changed my default data base to EU now my remotes will not work because they are China!????? So that means i have to throw them out!???? Is this how it should work!?

Would be glad if someone can post here the Chinese remote data base so i can still use my already bought (it looks like Chinese version) remotes.

P.S. Would be glad if someone can post here the Chinese remote data base so i can still use my already bought (it looks like Chinese version) remotes.

if your VVDI2 have china data base , and you use EU remote – this is normal
also in reverse way
you must use Eu remote + customize VVDI to EU

or use Chinese remote and keep china database.


if you install new software , system automatically download Chinese database.
you must delete file, connect VVDI2 key programmer, run software and proper database will be downloaded.
if you have already Chinese data base , not always can be overwrite.



link for all if you need to use this database need to close internet connection in C/Program Files/VVDI2/Transponder Programmer/Database -delete your file remote database and put this





Thanks! This solution works and now i can still use my remotes without need to buy new EU remotes.




How to customize remote Database to EU (English)?
Contact seller and request to change your VVDI2 serial number to region when you are.

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Copy Jetta MK6 2013 key with VVDI Key Tool

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote remote generator new test report: Cloning VW Jetta mk6 2013 ID48 transponder success.
Download Bluetooth APP on Android playstore and register, follow guide here:
Download, Register and Install VVDI Key Tool Bluetooth App
VVDI Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit)

Insert original key into left coil to read key data
Connect VVDI Key Tool and phone via Bluetooth
Select Transponder Clone on VVDI Key Tool app menu
ID48 data acquisition
Put VVDI Key Tool antenna close to ignition switch or coil detention area
Sniff data
If original key is not smart key, insert the original key, turn on ignition switch, then turn off, pull out the original key, repeat above procedure until sniff data completed.
If original key is smart key, take out the batter of original key, then put original key close to coil detection area and light up cluster turn off the ignition switch, move away the original key, repeat above procedure until completed.
Data acquisition success
Put the original key into the VVDI Key Tool left detection coil, to verify the original key
Read ID48 key data sucess
Then put the new ID48 chip, press Write button to write chip
ID48 chip copy success.
Sync transponder key
New key works great.

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How to update VVDI Key Tool to v2.2.2

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator software released to V2.2.2 (2018-02-03)


VVDI Key Tool 2.2.2 Update Feature:

Software version: 2.2.2

Firmware version: 2.2.2

1.Repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquiation
2.Repair and improve ID48 read and write


How to update VVDI key Tool to 2.2.2?

Download Xhorse update kit

Use the USB cable to connect the Keytool to computer
Check devices cnnection status and check driver version
Download the latest software and data files
Start updating software and data
Update success







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VVDI Key Tool Latest Software goes to V2.2.2

What is the latest version of the vvdi key tool software? I tried to update Keytool with V2.3.9 mega link on other webpage, but it failed me and showed software error.  Can you please send the newest software?

DON’T use the v2.3.9 mega link to update your Xhorse VVDI Key Tool.
Always use the Xhorse upgrade kit to update your key tool
Latest software refer to the update kit.  Newest now is v2.2.2 (till Mar, 2018)
VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 (2018-02-03)
1.Repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquisition
2.Repair and improve ID48 read and write
How to update VVDI key Tool to 2.2.2?
Download Xhorse update kit above
Use the USB cable to connect the Keytool to computer
Check devices cnnection status and check driver version
Download the latest software and data files
Start updating software and data
Update success

VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 Feedback:
the ID48 offline cloning with version 2.2.2 it is very good they have improved it. i have copied many normal ID48 chips with no problem.

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